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darth douglas

Hey guys, there are only a few of you on this list but I wanted to put it out there to the few of you who I haven't pestered already that I am co-writing a new blog about all the masses of TV that I watch.   We have a sweet Sam and Dean layout right now and our content covers a variety of different shows both on and off the air.  Baby steps but it would be cool if you could come check it out.  Throw it in that huge list of bookmarks you have, hopefully you'll find something to make you laugh.

TV Humor Blog:

-Jackie aka DoubleBitch

Making the move
darth douglas

That little yellow box on the main page keeps yelling at me for only using my journal as a way to read fic and keep tabs on people. Apparently I'm supposed to use it.  I dont know, now I have two of these ooc things and I'm not really sure of what to do with it. So I've decided to give all like 4 friends I have a random post of things I think you need to have, listen to, or see. 

First off, I found this guy.  Dannel McKinnon totally by accident.  My friend of the same name was bitching about how he couldnt make a site for his music because all the good URL's were taken.  So I looked it up and fell in love with this guy.  I love what he's doing and wouldnt be surprised to see him in the next few years doing some awesome stuff.

How about a recipie for Make ahead mashed potatoes They're really yummy and easy and full of things that are bad for you. The key to canadian cooking. Keep it simple and make it fatty. Seriously, we've got back bacon, meatloaf.. poutine. I have yet to find something not gross. 

The site for the place where I spend all my time five years and counting now.  Eventually I'll get out of here.  Plans are to go on to recording school after so I can maybe get a job. that will make me almost qualified to be a doctor except with like choir and recording and stuff. okay only 7 years maybe 8 tops but it's a lot. 

This is the Hostel. My little sister and I are going to stay in when we visit England in April.  I'm really excited about that.  I've done France, she's done Italy, Switzerland ect and so we decided to hit up the homeland next.  I love to travel and they pay me too much to take attendance so I'm all about a little vacation even if I have to eat Mr Noodles for a month when I get back. 

My Bff Jill has a blog about comics that's really cool.  His name's actually Timotheus, how cool is that? Anyway Comics for the win Check that out sometime.  The click traffic makes him all happy so do it to make a dude with a cool name smile.  He also loves Rosenbaum and Jensen.  Reason enough.

My favorite things in my photobucket are probably this and this.

I need some icons, really badly but other than that, I think this journal is offically on the way to being semi functional.
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